Rocky Mountain RM360 Crossbow Package with Crossbolts and Scope Included – Black




Rocky Mountain has introduced an all-new crossbow line that ships ready to hunt. Offered in solid black, the RM-360 sports a lightweight, compact design that makes it maneuverable and appealing to both the sit-and-wait and go-get-them crowds. Its sleek aluminum rail and durable compression molded limbs promise repeatable accuracy at speeds up to 360 fps. Anti-Dry Fire Technology ensures safety. The bow’s power stroke is 12. 5 inches and draw weight is 185 pounds. It measures 13 inches cocked and 17. 5 inches uncocked.READY TO HUNT KIT – Includes 4X32 scope, 3D string material, string suppressors and increased poundage of the limbs, rope cocker, rail lubricant, side mount & quick detachable quiver, 3 CX Piledriver crossbolts and 3-100 grain field points
SPEED INSPIRED – 360 feet per second, Draw weight 185 Lbs, Kinetic energy 127 ft lbs. Power stroke 12. 5″, Width Uncocked 17. 5″ and Cocked 13. 5″
LIGHTWEIGHT AND SAFE – Overall weight 6. 9 Lbs. Length 34. 5″ – 35. 5″ The anit-dry-fire trigger prevents dry firing and allows easy de-cocking. The extra-large foot stirrup for safe handling
ADJUSTABLE BUTTSTOCK – Adjustable ForeGrip, Pistol Grip, and adjustable Buttstock (does not accept Rocky Mountain Quiet Crank)
MECHANICAL EFFICIENCY – Cast cams help transfer energy into the limbs with greater ease. The machined aluminum rail is stronger than composite rails and has tighter tolerances for better accuracy


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