MONTANA DECOY Purr-fect Pair



In the early season, gobblers are trying to establish dominance by claiming territory and the presence of an inferior will not be taken kindly. In the peak of the mating season into late spring, place MISS PURR-FECT in the breeding position with JAKE PURR-FECT behind her to get any gobbler looking for one last hen to come running. “The PURR-FECT PAIR is extremely quiet to set up and take down. Plus, I can carry it all season without extra bags or sore shoulders. The days of leaving decoys at home because they’re too noisy or too much trouble are over.” – Grant Woods, Renowned Wildlife Biologist and Host of Growing Deer TV

The ONLY super light, realistic and portable 3D turkey decoy system that will fit in your vest.
Ultra-realistic features are proven to fool the wiliest of toms.
Thanks to PERFECT POSE TECHNOLOGY, these two decoys allows for seven unique setups.
An essential visual aid for calling in pressured birds.
Both birds are 3-D


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