281Z Outdoor Warm 6 inch Liners Boot Socks – Military Tactical Hiking Sport – Polartec Fleece Winter Socks (Coyote Brown)



Product Description

281z khaki olive green liners fleece socks281z khaki olive green liners fleece socks

281Z Liners are versatile and comfortable fleece liner socks that will ideally work in every situation.From the everyday use as
slipper socks, or simple boot liners, winter sports to harsh conditions of hiking trail or modern battlefield.

They help keep feet dry and warm as during intense activities as during long-term static. In conjunction with performance hiking,
sport or military footwear and hiking socks 281Z Liners create a complex that not only will keep the foot warm, but create ideal
temperature balance, so your feet would be warm, comfortable and dry even in most demanding conditions.

Anatomical design of the 281 fleece liners makes them sit firmly on the foot, without slipping down and clogging under the footwear,
and does not obstruct the natural movement of the foot. Flat seams do not create any pressure and discomfort under any footwear.

Liners are also very lightweight and compact, so they can be easliy carried in a bag or backpack, until you’ll need to use them.

281Z Liners are made from Polartec 200 Fleece Fabric – the best available material from renowed manufacturer. It has outstanding
warming, breathability and other performance properties, very lightweight, but also very durable. It’s soft to the skin and does not cause
allergic reactions.
281Z liners have been extensively tested, and have proven their durability in combat conditions.

Designed by 281Z Development Group.


• Warmth without weigth

• Soft to the skin

• High breathability

• Flat and durable seams

• Comfortable fit


During the wartime of 2015 Ukrainian Ministry of Defence created a special group. Its aim was to reform the material provision of Ukrainian Armed Forces. The equipment of Ukrainian Soldier was badly outdated by that time, and ukrainian volunteers took the task of developing new elements of gear and clothing in the shortest time, taking into consideration the latest worldwide tendencies in military equipment. Members of the group that worked on the creation of combat gear of ukrainian servicemen will be the skeleton of 281Z Development Group in the future.

In the October 2015 on the basis of the 281Z developments Ukrainian Ministry of Defence created a new unit, which continued reforming of military provision of Ukrainian Armed Forces.

From the 2016 281Z Development Group cooperated with of the popular ukrainian military brands. The aim of cooperation was assistance in launching own production in Ukraine, expanding the range of products, creating new models of military gear, introduction of modern materials.

In the present time 281Z Development Group develops its own lines of military and outdoor gear and clothing.

boots winter fleece liners socks military trekking hiking tactical outdoorboots winter fleece liners socks military trekking hiking tactical outdoor

Fight the cold and stay warm

No winter is a problem for our fleece socks. Made from high-quality Polartec fleece, they are warm, light, and soft. Thought out design and fit make sure that your feet will be warm and comfortable regardless of the weather around

military boots service footwear taktical hiking outdoor backpack winter socks cold weather hikingmilitary boots service footwear taktical hiking outdoor backpack winter socks cold weather hiking

winter snow boots hiking shoes socks liners fleece polartec hunting snowmobilewinter snow boots hiking shoes socks liners fleece polartec hunting snowmobile

Designed and tested by 281Z

All products, designed by 281Z team are thoroughly tested in various conditions, and are also passed to the Ukrainian Army soldiers for testing in demanding conditions of modern battlefield.

All this work is done to ensure that our gear will be as comfortable and performing as possible.

Performance anywhere, anytime.

Original Polartec 200 fabric

Polartec was the first to knit, nap, and shear synthetic yarns into thermal fabric for outdoor apparel. Polyester fibers were engineered for more versatile durability. With greater resiliency, lightweight warmth and fast dry times, Polartec fleece remains the industry standard for outerwear performance.

Warm and light

Durable and pill resistant

Soft to the skin

Highly breathable

Made from recycled materials

polartec hiking boots shoes winter snowpolartec hiking boots shoes winter snow

Sizing guide

SIZE______US Size (Men)_______US Size (Women)

Small_____6.5 – 10_____________7.5 – 11

Medium___9.5 – 13____________10.5 – 14

Large_____12.5 – 15____________13.5 – 16

Sizing tips

Our socks are designed to fit the leg with the regular cotton hiking sock, so if you plan to use 281Z fleece liners on bare foot or thin sock, you should stick with you actual size.

But if you want to use our fleece liners with thick wool socks, you should consider adding up a size to your measurements. We advise to measure the length of the foot for best fit.

DESIGNED TO PERFORM. Liners are made from original Polartec® Classic 200 fleece, which is soft, breathable and warm. Anatomical design provides tight, firm fit to prevent liners from slipping down and clogging. All parts are sewn together with flatlock seams which totally eliminate and rubbing.
EASY-CARE. Mashing washing: 104°F (40 °C). Hand washing. DO NOT: tumble dry, iron, bleach, dry clean or remove stains with solvents.
VERSATILITY. 281Z liners are designed to work with the majority of hiking, trekking and working socks and footwear. They provide good insulation, remove excess moisture, dry quickly and create a comfortable temperature balance, so your feet will always be dry and warm.
OWN THE WINTER. A perfect solution for cold season. Liners perfectly work at any type of winter sports and activities. Alpine or cross-country skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, hiking, climbing, mountaineering, hiking, fishing, playing traditional winter games and many more.
WORK COMFORTABLY. Ideal choice for those who spend all their working day outside in the cold. 281Z Liners work perfectly with all types of working footwear. High-quality materials ensure that liners can stand to any beating they can be subjected during the work. No matter what conditions are – they will keep your feet warm and dry.
ECO-FRIENDLY. Materials meet the “STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX”. Absence of banned colourants, formaldehyde, pentachlorophenol, cadmium, nickel, and other harmful components.